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Turkey Days

So, here we go!

But first thing first: Hello World! Greetings from two chubby girls!

We (Yi & MissLin) love getting style tips and inspirations from all kinds of social media sites, especially in this digital era, when smart phones are basically our shadows following us everywhere. As we just finished our master’s degree in the university and yet to find a permanent job for a living, some designer brands are out of our league financially. However, the pursue of beauty does not necessarily mean we must have designer fashion pieces, it is still possible to create our own style with what we have got. Sometimes people may be overwhelmed by the brand effect of an item, for example, purchasing a designer bag with £££££ just for the sake of the designer logo on top. We would try to value things from our own view, regardless of the market hype. Wearing the clothes that suit us, rather than what other people are buying.

While there are tonnes of beauty and fashion gurus out there on Instagram and YouTube, we hardly ever see anyone with chubby figures. We are not the kind of skinny girls that you see on social media everyday, yet we don’t qualify for plus-size. When both skinny and plus-size have their own piece of stake in the modelling industry, what about us?  Chubby Crispy hopefully will became the source of styling inspiration for girls just like us, the inbetweeners.

To be honest, we aren’t supposed to be ashamed of being chubby. But the society where we grew up in still do not appreciate non-skinny beauty. Harsh comments on our appearance from all kinds of people can sometimes be really hard to bear with. We did try to lose weight through a lot of methods such as going to the gyms everyday and dieting constantly. The end result is us being slimmer for a little while and then eventually we got back to our own shape. Maybe it is meant to be that way, maybe being chubby is the way out. It took a while for us to accept us as who we are, but we did it. Chubby Crispy embraces everybody’s individualities. To be two little healthy and happy chubby girls, we won’t stop hitting the gym just because we accepted our shapes.

Chubby Crispy won’t be complete without any foodie adventures! From today onwards, we will share with everyone about fashion, about beauty and about yummy foodie! Maybe till next year this time, the blog would still be viewed by just two of us. But we will try to keep it going! Thanks for reading this, whoever you are, thank you!

學業暫告一段落,閒來無事的兩人 (Yi & MissLin) 決定開始blogging咯!



老實說,我們兩個從小就沒有真正意義上瘦過的女生,在現今這個看臉看身材的社會,心靈也是備受打擊呢。嘗試過許多減肥方法,瘦瘦胖胖過好幾回,最終,here we are。既然無法阻止自己追逐美食的步伐,我們慢慢得接受了這樣的自己,畢竟不是每個人都有每天吃草生活的毅力和決心,外界的美食誘惑怎能抵擋得了~~當然,我們也會去gym,為了做兩個健康快樂的小胖妞喔!

Chubby Crispy以後會po一些我們喜歡的穿衣style,美妝tips,當然少不了我們熱愛的美食,也會穿插我們的生活趣事噢!我們很開心可以分享這些,也希望給看到這些的你們帶來樂趣!