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Hello people! It’s been a long time since our Lookbook Post. Sorry for the delay. The temperature is dropping drastically and we are finally seeing some sunshine after god knows how long in Edinburgh. I am so excited to welcome winter in town. Winter is my personal favourite season because I can wear multiple layers and cover up all the insecurities I have on my body. The fluffy feeling of knits gives me another reason to stay cosy and enjoy the season while holding a hot cup of tea in your hands.

I am feeling extremely comfortable wearing all blacks especially in winter. Black is supposed to absorb the heat for me and help me stay warm. While this look only has one colour, the textures are different for each item from head to toe. This knit dress may look plain with a leather jacket covering every details. But when you get indoors and take the jacket off, cute white patterns around shoulder area can show off its uniqueness for you. If you are feeling such clothing piece being too basic, your choice of accessories can help to own the look for yourself, transform it to the extraordinary that you desire. I am such a sucker for hats, I can’t resist to all kinds of hats, this one in particular is adding that soft lady-look towards the punk leather feeling from my jacket and shoes. With the perfect set of studs that are showing different logos on each side, my look is complete. Ta dah~

Ooops, forgot to mention the silver mi-pac backpack I got from ASOS. It’s an absolute treasure to me as it can hold literally everything inside, and still be super light to carry around. Bonus point of the bag is its waterproof nature. I have been using this backpack non-stop since the day I got it. You never know when rain drops gonna ruin your books or laptops in your bag, better be prepared for it (especially when you are in the UK)!




黑色是冬季穿搭很適合的顏色,不為別的,就因為它吸熱保暖啊!!!雖然這身look都是黑色,可是仔細看,每件都有自己的小特色喔。皮外套可能遮蓋了黑色毛衣裙的亮點,但是當你在室內脫掉外套後,裙子肩膀處別出心裁的黑白花紋完全可以襯托出你的與眾不同喔。當然,如果你覺得這一身略顯單調或過於簡單,記得加上自己偏愛的配飾搭配出屬於你自己的風格。Yi同學是個瘋狂的帽子控,各種款式帽子一應俱全。這款黑色妮子帽恰巧為整個朋克機車風添了一份柔和與少女~最後,再加上一副精緻的耳釘,這兩隻bling bling的耳釘還各有不同的圖案喔。




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