It’s Time For Chocolate!

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Greetings from Brussels!!

As a chocoholic, Brussels has been on my “MUST TRAVEL” list for a long time. So I abandoned Yi and decided to do a chocolate discovery trip alone last week (coz Yi has been busy with her work in Edinburgh XD)

Brussels is well known for its chocolate and waffles (and beer of course). During my two days trip, I came across lots of chocolate shops and even a museum of cocoa and chocolate where you can learn all the things about cocoa. Also, a handsome guy will show you how they make Belgian chocolate in their workshop, that’s definitely a bonus. Do not forget to have a taste in the end! Yum!

There are so many world famous chocolate makers in Brussels, like Godiva, Neuhaus, Pierre Marcolini, Galler, Leonidas…… Brussels is absolutely a chocolate paradise!

Personally, I do recommend  Leonidas, a local-loved brand. Their chocolates are not that costly and still have comparable heavenly taste! Their shops are so easy to find as they are everywhere in Brussels LOL.

Forget about your figure and weight-gain! NEVER say No to chocolates in Brussels! Coz chocolate can never get cheaper and better elsewhere!



作為一個巧克力狂魔 (誰不愛巧克力呢?!),當然不能錯過布魯塞爾!比利時巧克力世界聞名,當然還有華夫餅和啤酒,在街道上處處可見各大巧克力店,找個巧克力店比找wc還容易-_-#

我先去了巧克力博物館 (可見比利時人民對巧克力的熱愛!),在裡面可以了解很多可可豆和巧克力的歷史,還有小帥哥親自示範比利時巧克力是如何製成的,結束時別忘記品嚐喔!

比利時有名的巧克力牌子有很多,比如Godiva, Neuhaus, Pierre Marcolini, Galler, Leonidas等等,我個人比較推薦Leonidas,價格非常親民,口味也並不輸另幾個昂貴的品牌。Leonidas的店在布魯塞爾街頭隨處可見很好找喔!


IMG_3266_meitu_3 IMG_3268_meitu_4IMG_3299_meitu_7IMG_3270_meitu_5IMG_3338_meitu_8


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