Maxi Tutu?

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Wondering what would I look like if I’m wearing tutu? The ballerina tutu will definitely make me look weird, so I opted for this maxi one. This shade of blue is my favourite colour. I think it matches asian skin tone quite well.

This maxi tutu is so bold and right to your eyes. I tried to cool it down by making other parts of the outfit plain and simple. The skirt is really big and plumpy, just like the bottom part of a wedding dress and it can easily make me look one size bigger than usual (Wear it at your own risk :P). But I love playing around with different styles.

Once I put it on, that “I’m the queen of the world” feeling arose instantly. It’s definitely a piece of eye-catcher. As I was saying to MissLin, I would wear this to my boyfriend’s wedding if his bride is not me :D. That imaginary bride must hate me for getting all the attention from her at her wedding! haha. Yea. I know I’m evil.


小時候不懂事,一直覺得芭蕾蓬蓬裙很美,覺得每個人穿都會很美。慢慢才醒悟原來不是啊!胖妞穿芭蕾蓬蓬裙會更顯胖 T_T . 不過長款蓬蓬裙就没那麼挑人穿了。yey 🙂 但是!還是要看每個人的身高來看適不適合了。這件裙子真的好長好長,本人170cm,穿了巨高的高跟鞋才算勉強駕馭了。也是心累。

但是這裙子的確好美,像婚紗的裙襬部分。然後這種寶藍色在陽光下可以超級仙。至愛的顏色呀! 下半身如此的豐滿的話,要注意上半身的搭配了。雖然我肉肉的,但是上身穿緊身的衣服還是可以顯出一點點腰部curve的 (只有一點點 = =)。好愛好愛這裙子,在party 的話完全搶戲。和MISSLIN開玩笑說我要穿這裙子去我男友的婚禮,前提是當男友的新娘不是我的時候。 要氣死新娘。哈哈哈哈。


photos by: MissLin






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