Step by Step Transition to a Zombie Bride

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This time of the year again! Crazy Halloween season is so much fun. We will show you a simple zombie bride look with the easiest steps that everyone can master. I’ve just used some basic makeup tools with one zombie bride costume from amazon and play with them!



Makeup & Photos by Yi


Start off from a bare face. (MissLin has to drew her brow first cos she can’t live without them)

一切從素顏開始 (好啦我承認無眉星人有畫眉啦 :p)

Photo 15-10-26 18 51 28_meitu_6IMG_6317_meitu_71.  Put on the circle lenses first, before you apply anything else on your face. The pair of lenses is from Pinky Paradise (Vassen Rainbow Eyes Grayish Blue). But even if you don’t have any, the look would still be good 🙂       戴上隱形, 顏色越誇張越好 (灰藍色)

2. Put on some pale foundation as your base. Here I’ve used Laneige BB cushion. It’s a cosmetics brand from Korea and the shade of this BB cushion is pale enough for asian skin tone. You can use whatever foundation you own. 上底妝, 越白效果越好喔 (蘭芝的氣墊bb)

3. Enhancing your collar bone by using a vampy colour lipstick. I used the Maybelline Color Drama (in 310 Berry much) around the neck area and on the side of the forehead & face. This colour is a simulation of the bruises zombies usually have. 用紫紅色的口紅和黑色的眼影來畫鎖骨和臉上的陰影 (平時棄置不敢用的口紅派上了用場)

IMG_6323_meitu_84. Moving on to your eyes, use brown eye shadow as a base for your eyes and then use black eye shadow to create that hollow eye look on around the crease. I’ve used NAKED 2 eye shadow palette for the eyes. For conturing on your nose, using the same lipstick (Maybelline color drama) on the side of the nose. 棕色和黑色畫眼影,同時用那支口紅畫眉骨和鼻梁處陰影 (naked 2 眼影盤)

Photo 15-10-26 18 54 58_meitu_2

IMG_6335_meitu_35. The fun part is here! Draw veins on your face. basically I focused on the under-eye area and some random areas on the face. I chose a darker vampy coloured liquid lipstick and using the smallest brush I have to draw little curved strokes. Somehow the small brush didn’t do the trick as the strokes were quite thick. Hence (as clever MissLin suggested), we used toothpick instead. Draw veins wherever you want on your face. Be really careful when using tooth pick around your eyes though. 最好玩的一步來啦!畫!青!筋! 只需要一個紫紅色唇釉和一支眼線or唇線刷 你就開始自我創作啦(Yi選擇了牙籤,這樣畫出來更細)

Photo 15-10-26 18 00 34_meitu_46. Put on your falsies to enlarge your eyes if you want 🙂  I used eylure for MissLin. 戴上假睫毛,補上眼線 (eylure假睫毛對新手來說也很好用)

Photo 15-10-26 18 54 20_meitu_67. Last step! Lips! I used YSL concealer pen to cover MissLin’s pink lips. We want a zombie after all. But you can use any kind of dark or pale lipsticks you like. That’s you done for the makeup part. 最後就是嘴唇!白色或深紫黑色都可以喔! (Yi用ysl的高光筆畫了無血色的嘴唇)

thumb_IMG_5573_1024_meitu_78. Now dress up in your costume and PARTY !!穿上殭屍新娘的裙子,披上頭紗,大功告成啦!



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