a Piece of Denim for Autumn

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Photo 15-10-20 14 19 38_meitu_7

In the blink of an eye autumn in Edinburgh slipped away. We captured the red leaves with the Oversized Denim Jacket just before real winter kicks in. Autumn is never dull with all the layers you missed during summer time. This denim jacket literally can go with anything you throw on. Here I’ve layered the denim over a black hoodie with cutest pattern ever. This denim piece have been my everyday go to jacket for this autumn. As for my hair, the baseball cap just comes in so handy when you have a bad hair day. Plus, when it’s super windy outside (as you get a lot of crazy windy days in Scotland), the cap helps me to put my hair in place no matter how insane the wind is. My recent favourite accessories is the pair of skull earrings. It’s such a statement piece to show your personality.



photos by MISSLIN

Photo 15-10-20 14 16 29_meitu_6

Photo 15-10-20 14 15 47_meitu_5

Photo 15-10-20 14 20 56_meitu_8







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